Sunday Worship

Every Sunday 8:00am & 10:00am

Holy Communion is offered at both worships every week.  We believe that all can receive communion who believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ.  All who come forward are welcomed to the table and can receive Communion.  For our youngest participants who haven’t had their First Communion yet, a blessing will be given.

8:00am worship is more informal and reflective.  Music is not provided and there is more opportunity for silent reflection.  Because of the small setting expect to hear people comment and ask questions during worship and there is a time to discuss the sermon.  Expect worship to last between 45 minutes and an hour.

10:00am worship is the larger service with music.  Music varies but may include Piano, Organ, acoustic guitars, choir, and more. While still relaxed in nature, there is less opportunity for interaction with others in worship.  Worship typically lasts an hour or slightly more.  Coffee & cookies are served following worship.

A note about children:  We believe that the Family of God includes people of all ages worshipping together.  Therefore we encourage children of all ages to worship with their families.  We don’t worry about the extra noise that children bring into worship, it is their praise to God.  There are activity pages provided for both reading and non-reading children.  During the school year, elementary age children can attend an educational time during the first half of worship and join their families after the sermon.